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Open Eyes | Turismo Sostenible en India
Sustainable tourism is a quality tourism based on offering the traveler a closer experience. From Open Eyes, we give value designing new activities and caring about the local people who are going to show you the country.
We believe that Sustainable Tourism should not be an alternative option parallel to the conventional tourism. We commit that tourism should be directed towards sustainability; a new more responsible way to travel. You soon will look for these experiences.

From the beginning, our mission has been a simple one—to help people and communities thrive through solutions, not handouts. We do this by providing the resources and opportunities for local people in the areas we serve to develop and strengthen their communities and our network of travelers provide these communities with the long-term income to make these solutions sustainable.

Project 1: Women empowerment and equality

We initiated a Ethical Fashion project to improve the self esteem of  Indian women.

Furthermore, we support a social organization dedicated to train women to become taxi drivers. With this job let them to get equally job opportunities in tourism sector in India.

Project 2: Support to small artisans

In our trips we approach our traveler to artisans to contribute directly to the local economy.  


Project 3: Environment and elephant protection

We work to preserve the ecosystem of Andaman Islands through our Andaman trip. We also collaborate with a real elephant rescue centre in Agra.

“We want to improve the places we visited. We want that tourism revenues also benefit local people living in the destinations we travel.”

Project 4: Create Opportunities
To empower and aspire the life of Locals and to Links the tarvelers to the communities. Here we sell the Handicrafts and prodcuts made by locals to empower cultural heritage by connecting the local talent with travelers and protection to presefrve country's environmental heritage

Project 5: Tourism - A Positive Force for Change
Travel-Connect-Give Back

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