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Committing to an organization built around creating real social change is hard work. It means exposure to some of the country’s toughest social challenges, long hours, and often the sense that you can't do enough. It means working with non-profit organizations that frequently don't have a strategic plan or even an established business model. Or advising funders on where their resources will create the richest impact.

Dealing with this range of stakeholders is often painstaking, complex and uphill. But without a doubt, this is work that will change the world, and if you have an appetite for creating change on that scale, International Youth Club is where you want to be. See all the positions and apply.

Position 1: Director - Capacity Building
Position 2: Associate - Social Media & Content Developer
Position 3: Associate - Communication & Graphic Designer
Position 4: Asscociate - Online Campaign

Please email your resume at

Volunteer with us

We engage with volunteers from different backgrounds exhibiting a wide variety of skills. Team International Youth Club always encourages volunteers from different parts of the country to contribute to the cause.

We at International Youth Club are happy to not only encourage volunteering within the India Chapter, but also provide the infrastructure and assistance to open International Youth Club Chapters in various countries across the World. With fortnightly meetings and a limited time commitment per month, we believe this is a fantastic platform to give back to the society and develop relevant skills sets in fields of Sustainable Tourism.

If you wish to volunteer with International Youth Club, please contact us on or click here to register as Volunteer.

Sponsor our Project: Sponsor an Activity or Field Trip for a Youth Program

International Youth Club is seeking individuals and/or groups to sponsor activities or fieldtrips for youth in our programs. Many children in our Youth Development or Family Support programs would benefit from participating in a social activity, such as learning about Rescue & Disaster Management, Sustainable Tourism, Community Buliding and Environment Protection. Volunteers are encouraged to attend and program, staff will always be present to supervise. There are many local possibilities and we are happy to work with you to coordinate a great experience.

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July 2017
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