After all, I had the most memorable road trip across Ladakh last week but the one aspect that left me sore about the trip was the lack of facilities for women. Considering the huge flow of tourists visiting Ladakh between May to September each year, including families and solo female travelers, this is one let down area for female travelers transversing this terrain.

Guest article by fellow travel blogger – Megha Sharma

Things are okay if you are at your hotel or guest house in Leh city but you go beyond the city and you are in a spot. I tr...

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Sangla - The Picturesque Little Hamlet

Since childhood, I had always been fascinated by the mighty himalayas and I use to often dream myself wandering around on my own to far-off lands, away from the hustle-bustle of city life. Well if you too share the same feeling then come and join me as I make my journey to a hidden paradise, a picturesque little hamlet sitting on the edge of the Indian border, guarded by the mighty Himalayan massifs on either sides, nurtured by one of the most beautiful rivers and home to the “Golden Apples”. Yes this is Sangla - a place you can remember having seen or read in any of “The Lord of The Rings” Trilogy.

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The Story So Far...

  • Mar 13 2016
  • Team International Youth Club
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We were a member of four from Delhi and a special two from Latvia to form the super six-we were on the roll!
Now, you must be hearing ” getting Leh’d” a lot of times and there’s no denial that this Himalayan landscape indeed grows on you like habit that you keep on doing till you can. Deciding on the time of getting Leh’d is crucial as for most the year, the route remians landlocked.
Known for its barren splendour, Leh can be reached from Srinagar in Jammu and Kashmir and Manali in Himachal Pradesh. Both the routes take you past some of the most scenic vistas in the world, we decided Leh’d through Manali.

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Driven Dirt and Sweat Through The Valley Of Gods.

  • Mar 13 2016
  • Team International Youth Club

The Himalayan Mountain Biking Expedition 2015/ Excerpts.

An adventure so truly defined as an individual’s walk towards finding oneself. Beyond the shadows of bustling working days, the vantage of your individuality is often to be re-explored!

Thus, the Himalayan Mountain Biking Expedition program was designed to explore oneself at high end trails of the mystic Himalayas. Alike any adventure, mountain biking in India is gearing up to be India’s sought after adventure sports. As a part of worldwide promotion of mountain biking in Asia, we assembled five constructive teams;blend of seasoned mounta...

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